Where Is PGB? What Is Our Community Mission?

Peachy Girl Beauty (PGB) was founded in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. 

Our founder started her business in the Hawaiian Islands because she is proud to be of Indigenous Native Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) descent (amongst her other ethnicities)…and realized that there is a need for jobs and business growth in certain parts of Hawaii that are more impoverished. 

I grew up in a very poor and “rough” area of Oahu, Hawaii as a kid. It’s known for a lot of crime, homelessness, and a major lack of education. Despite all of this, I’m very proud of where I’m from and I’m thankful for where my life has taken me. One of my missions, amongst many, is to give back to my local community and provide educational scholarships and programs for kids and young adults. 

I have this dream of being able to support young entrepreneurs and young beauty and skincare enthusiasts with my platform…and really teach them and show them how to create opportunity for themselves that is both meaningful and impactful to them...but also to their communities.

Though learning about proper skincare and beauty techniques isn’t, “saving the world” per say, it is something that is heavily valued in society worldwide…and I believe that that shows there is value in educating ourselves on it. Proper skincare can be life changing and can impact you in more ways than you know.

As an entrepreneur, my goal is to create job opportunity in my community, expand on beauty industry methods, show diversity in skincare techniques, and really create a community of young people worldwide who love what Peachy Girl Beauty is all about”.