Why Did We Name Our Brand Peachy Girl Pimple Patches?

Peachy Girl was my (CEO) nickname growing up. The nickname was given to me by my childhood best-friends mom…Aunty Cindy.  

[Aunty Cindy-2nd from left/Me-3rd from left]

The nickname Peachy Girl always stuck with me, and when starting the journey of creating this business, it came to mind because it reminded me of my childhood & where my passion for self-love, skincare, and beauty was being born.  

You may be thinking...why did your neighbors mom call you, "Peachy Girl"?

So, here's a little backstory...

I'm part Indigenous/Native Hawaiian. In Hawaii, people like me are called, "Hapa"…meaning that we are of mixed race. However, due to my fair skin-tone, those who considered themselves locals to Hawaii would often call me, "Haole" (derogatory term used in Hawaii referring to me being Caucasian/or of non-Hawaiian ancestry).

[This is me! Most people don’t picture a Native Hawaiian girl to look like me…but that is me and I’m proud of my heritage.]

Long story short….

I was discriminated against as a young girl for being of a comparatively fair complexion. The nickname, “Peachy Girl”, came about because when I would play outside all day, I’d get sun-burned, & then, within a few days, I’d turn a peachy color.

So, instead of being just another person who put me down for being fair, my best-friends mom, Aunty Cindy, decided to come up with a cute nickname for me, “Peachy Girl”, instead.


[Me-Left/Big Sis-Right…I’m the 2nd of 5 girls/sisters in my family. My older sister always calls me, “Peaches”]

Now, fast-forward to like the 7th grade…

After FINALLY getting over the hurdle of loving my skin-tone, puberty decided to hit me like a freight train.

Like so many others have probably experienced, my hair started to change textures, my body shape started to change, &, my skin got “really bad”. 

SO, I went from being made fun of for my skin-tone, to NOW, being made fun of for my acne (particularly by other kids my age)…

I never said anything, but having acne made me so insecure. I wouldn’t be photographed, was very shy, and never hung out with anyone. I’d go to school, come home, study, and help my mom around the house, and made sure to always cleanse my skin like a psycho multiple times a day…not knowing that my acne was much more of an internal battle than an external one. 

[Left to Right: My Dad, Me, & My Mom. As you can hopefully see, I’m a mix of my parents. Here I’m being photographed with my parents for a high school pre-graduation ceremony. You can’t tell in the photo, but I remember shellacking my skin in Shiseido foundation because I would dare have people see me without makeup on.]

Any-who, fast-forward to today and I’m a very different person…

My struggles with having to learn to love my skin actually made me extremely passionate about beauty & skincare.

All the people that picked on me or said mean things to me actually just made me stronger. I developed a pretty tough skin, and, all that negativity actually inspired me to create this business…so I could help other people who are suffering with acne and self-love. 


[Me-graduating University with my “Peachy Girl” skin, little to no acne, wearing all-natural non-toxic makeup, and loving myself for who I am]

If there’s anything I can impart to people it’s to remember that…

Through struggle you have two options, you can  either sink or swim. Through trials and tribulations don’t give up and don’t accept defeat. Let your struggles be your story, and let it inspire you to make a difference in this world.

My struggles led me to create Peachy Girl Pimple Patches…and if I can do it…so can you! 

My brand name represents my past struggles, serves as a reminder to me of where I came from, and reminds me to always keep grounded like the roots of a beautiful peach tree.

Just like a beautiful peach tree, one must stay grounded to bear such beautiful fruit…and for me…I envision that beautiful fruit to be the positive impact I can make on peoples lives by sharing my story & creating products for people with acne.  

Everything will be peachy keen!”

All My Love, 
The Original Peachy Girl