PGB- Our Stance on Discrimination, Equality, & Inclusion

Here at PGB, we want you to know that we take discrimination of any type extremely seriously.
PGB was started as a way to help others in their acne journeys, but also to show that no matter who you are, where you come from, what your background is, or whatever your story may be…to always chase your dreams and show everyone      Respect & love.

[My grandfather (center), my cousin (left), and I (right). Everyone is unique & beautiful in their own way]
A HUGE part of the reason this company, PGB, was started was because of my (CEO) personal experiences with discrimination throughout my life.
I remember, very vividly, not being served in a restaurant because my mom was “brown” and my sister “looked like a Chinese and probably had diseases”. That moment really changed my life and opened my eyes to the discrimination and ignorance that does exist in this world.
[This is me (left) and my 4th sister (right)…can you believe someone would discriminate against a little kid for looking Chinese?]
We want you to know that… 

PGB is a 100% inclusive company. We do not exclude or marginalize any persons on the basis of color, race, national origin, sexual orientation, cultural identity, assigned sex, gender identity, religion, age, ethnicity, physical ability, mental ability, education, socio-economic standing, etc.