About Us:Peachy Girl Pimple Patches CEO & Founder

Peachy Girl was my (founder & visionary) childhood nickname growing up. The nickname always stuck with me, and when starting the journey of creating my first business, my mind was constantly flooded with happy memories from my childhood.

I named my company Peachy Girl Pimple Patches to pay homage to my childhood and all the wonderful memories of  where my life began, but also, to remind myself of where my love for beauty & skincare started.

I remember very vividly (as does my entire family) sitting in my childhood bedroom everyday & obsessing over all things beauty related. With frequency, I would get into my moms skincare and my dads cooling gel cream he used to rub on his face...and would just stand in front of my mirrored closet in my bedroom and slather it on. My mother has tons of photos of me growing up doing my sisters hair, putting makeup on them, obsessing over my skin, etc...and nothing has really changed to this day. Beauty & healthy skin are truly my passion!

My hope is that you get a sense of just how much love, detail, and time I’ve invested in creating this business and it’s products. That’s what I truly want you to feel when you shop with me. 

When you shop with me, you officially become apart of the Peachy Girl Gang. We are skincare & beauty junkies on a quest to finding solutions (and hopefully one day a cure) to those pesky pimples.

All My Love, 
The Original Peachy Girl

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