PGPP ACNE UPDATE: Is Your Pillowcase Causing Your Acne?

Is your pillowcase causing your acne? 

Well, here’s a “tell-tale” sign, if you go to bed with no sign of a pimple and wake up with a pimple…it’s probably because of your pillowcase. 

Simply put, your hair products, body lotions, and your natural oils from your hair and body transfer to your pillowcase. Your pillowcase, now riddled with bacteria, makes contact with your face while you sleep and…VOILA…a nice honking pimple forms!  

Now, there are many ways to prevent pillowcase acne…so here are a few ideas:

1.) Wear a silk hair bonnet or hair wrap while you sleep. It’s great for the health and shine of your hair & prevents your hair from directly contacting your pillowcase, thus, less chance of pillowcase acne. 

2.) Buy seven (7) breathable pillowcases and change them out daily before bed. On laundry day, give them all a good wash. A pro tip: make sure that when you wash your pillowcases you do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. The wax and residue from these items can easily clog the pores. 

3.) Make sure you remove all makeup and grime from the face and follow-up with a great skincare regimen before laying down to bed. This is so important! 

4.) A budget friendly option is covering your pillowcase with a clean towel or clean t-shirt nightly before bed. You can just remove it and replace it nightly. It’s simple, effective, and cheap!

We hope this helps you if you’re experiencing acne and are looking for possible solutions to improve it. 

All Our Love, Peachy Girl Pimple Patches ☺️🍑

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