Is Your Makeup Giving You Acne?

You may love the way your makeup wears, maybe it’s finish, the packaging it comes it, or maybe, you just love a particular brand because of there impact on the community!

I get it 100%, I’ve totally been there…BUT have you ever wondered if the makeup you’re using is “good” or “bad” for your skin?

Have you ever actually taken a moment to read the ingredients on the back of your makeup and learn what’s actually in these products you’re using everyday? If you haven’t, YOU NEED TO!

I’m a huge proponent of “healthy makeup”. It is very much possible to have beautiful makeup that is also healthy for your skin…but it does require learning & having a willingness to push yourself outside of your comfort zone with new makeup options and methods. 

NOW, there are a lot of ingredients on the market that are used in makeup brands you see in most retail giants and even your go-to beauty specific retail giants that are not necessarily “GOOD” for you. 

So, here’s a great starting point, if you ever want to know if your makeup is healthy or good for your skin QUICKLY…download the EWG Skin Deep app and scan the products barcode. From there, the app runs your product through 60 toxicity and regulatory databases and shares with you pertinent information that SHOULD help you be a more informed consumer. 

We hope this helps…and please take a moment to download the EWG Skin Deep App (NOT SPONSORED). It’s just a great tool…and it’s free to download. 

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