PGPP ACNE UPDATE: Food Sensitivities & Allergies Could Be The Culprit Behind Your Acne

Acne is an indicator of your health both internally and externally. In order to “get rid of” and/or “minimize” your likelihood for having acne, it is extremely beneficial to focus on your internal health first.

As of the founder of Peachy Girl Pimple Patches, I dealt with severe acne for years until I realized that my acne had little to do with my skin regimen (external) and like 90% to do with what I was eating everyday (internal). 

Now you may be thinking, “was she laying around eating cookies and cakes and drinking soda all day or something?” The answer would be, “No”.

I followed the recommended food pyramid guide, ate very healthful meals, and worked out 2-3 hours a day, only to realize that I was severely allergic and/or sensitive to A LOT of foods that were considered “healthy”. I learned that I could no longer eat foods containing beef, wheat, gluten, lemon, dairy, etc. Sounds sad right? 

However, the exciting news came when my acne cleared up in 2 weeks after over 6 years of having acne at that point. 

So, what to take away from this?

Just like working out at the gym and trying to lose weight or bulk up, acne operates very much in the same way. You wont see much improvement if you do not focus on your internal health first!

Maybe you have food allergies & sensitivities like me, or, maybe you don’t eat a healthful diet that’s right for you. I’m not a doctor or a dietician, so, please don’t take what I’m saying as “gospel”, however, I find the diet to be a huge culprit behind acne.

If I had to re-start the treatment methods and steps I took in the past in regards to my acne, I would first go to a doctor and request a food allergy or sensitivity screening.

Check in with your diet...and check in with a doctor! It’s a phenomenal first step to healing your acne from the inside out. 

All Our Love, Peachy Girl Pimple Patches ☺️🍑

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